About The Donald Deck

The Donald Deck began as a series of editorial cartoons created by Nationally Syndicated Illustrator and Cartoonist Nancy Ohanian during the 2016 Presidential election for the Tribune Content Agency (formerly the Chicago Tribune Syndicate) and later for Washing-ton’s CHARLES KRAUSE/REPORTING FINE ART (CK/RFA) gallery, which showed Ohanian's cartoons and drawings during and after The Donald’s Inauguration last January.

The first two cards were of Candidate Trump as the Joker, or wild card, created during the run-up to the Election, and Hillary Clinton as the Queen of Hearts, an image that all-too-accurately suggested Clinton’s strengths and vulnerabilities as a candidate. Of course, we all know what happened: The Joker trumped the Queen (with a little help from Putin, Ohanian's choice for the Deck's most powerful and sinister card, the Ace of Spades).

                                              A Card for Every Political Occasion

The Donald Deck is as much a fine example of conceptual Art as it is of the talent, under-standing of American politics  and wit of the Artist who created it. The Deck's first edition covers most of the scandals, outrages and inflection points of the 2016 campaign, the transition and the first 100 days of the Trump Presidency.

As long as the First Amendment holds, future editions will have cards with new Ohanian cartoons reflecting the skirmishes and battles in the war of survival that's already begun between a willfully ignorant and psychotic autocrat and the system of checks and balances and rule of law that has so far reined in his worst instincts and uninformed policy choices. 

The Donald Deck is offered for sale as a reminder to card players (and non-card players, too) that entrusting Donald Trump with the High Office of President of the United States is truly gambling with our country’s present and future.

Let's hope we'll be able to re-shuffle the Deck before it’s too late!


About TheArtofOurTimes   

TheArtofOurTimes is the new online store of Washington’s CHARLES KRAUSE/REPORTING FINE ART GALLERY. Founded in 2011, CK/Reporting Fine Art is believed to be the only art gallery in the United States dedicated exclusively to showing politically and socially-engaged fine art. For more information about the Gallery, CLICK HERE